About Melissa.......


Melissa is a licensed architect  and a designer who holds a degree from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University's School of Architecture.  

Creative, Dynamic and Inspiring, three words that uniquely describe Melissa's work which spans a broad foray across multiple design disciplines from residential to commercial spaces.

Melissa provides her clients a two fold level of service in which she has few peers.  By being a licensed architect as well as a very gifted interior space designer her unique depth of skill and experience allows her to provide clients twice the insight and expertise as other less credentialed peers in the field.

With over 20 years of experience  in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania market working  as the architect to fortune 100/ 500 companies and residential clients that all demand the best.   Melissa has earned the reputation that few enjoy in a career.  

Since moving to the Gulf Coast Melissa now brings with her the high end , big city talent and experience that is simply not matched locally.